The Caravan, Volume 2, Edition 3

It's an honor to be back with the fourth edition of the Caravan Magazine, which through the last couple of editions has grown from the strength to strength due to efforts of faithful and divine blessings. We find strength in the fact that spreading the pristine message of Baha’u’llah affords to us a blessing so magnanimous that we are propelled to success.

This edition onward, we plan to analyze the Will of the Master piecemeal so that our readers get to know the facts thereby enabling themselves to come to an informed conclusion. We hope that this endeavor will serve its noble purpose of awakening the Baha’is who believe in following the unaltered teachings of Baha’u’llah.

Thank you for being a great support. Keep spread the word far and wide.

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BAHAI1844 said...

Would appreciate contact. Please write or call. There is a book out on Amazon by Dr. Leland Jensen "7th Angel Sounded" Scriptural Proofs from the firesides of Abdul-Baha are at

Zach Lightcap
(253) 486-3207 cell

The connections in Early Mormonism, Bible Prophecy, and the Faith are becoming apparent. Ironically, a 'caravan' was made in August - led by Neal Chase - to various sites starting in Glenwood Springs, CO and ending in Missoula, MT (at least for me) related to prophetic signs of the New Jerusalem in the Rocky Mountain area of the USA. Allah'u'abha! Ya Baha'u'l-Abha! There are some photos posted on my facebook page. Bless! :)

Zach Lightcap, Western States Contact, 600 Ellingson Rd. Apt. Q5 Pacific, WA 98047

BAHAI1844 said...

How much does it cost to join fee Baha'i?

"Sir, it may cost you your life."

Lol... -zl

Being a Baha’i means to love and serve all humanity.

DID YOU KNOW?   As per Abdu’l Baha, being a Baha’i means to love and serve all humanity. When asked on one occasion: “What is...