Why in 1926 did the Baha'i population went down by 50 percent?

During Abdul Baha's lifetime, accordingly to the WORLD ALMANAC for 1916, there were 2884 Baha'is in the United States belonging to the National Spiritual Assembly of Baha'is. But in 1926, after the first five years of Shoghi Effendi's Administration, there were only 1247 - a decrease of more than 50 percent. In 1936, the figures were still below those of 1916.

The shrinkage was due to two reasons.

1. The alleged Will was produced after the death of Abdul Baha appointing Shoghi Effendi as the Guardian ofthe Cause

2. Shoghi Effendi substituted the teachings of Baha'u'llah with inverted principles

When Baha'is with spiritual insight realised the actions of the so-called Guardian, which contradicted the pristine message of Baha'u'llah and the master, they seceded from the faith. Whether the alleged Will of the Master is authentic or spurious, the results of the Administration of Shoghi Effendi and the National Spiritual Assembly of Baha'is stand as an historic indictinentagainst them.

[Source: Abdul Baha's Questioned Will and Testament, pgs. 98-99]

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BUPC emerging with some clarity...

Without a guardian financial executive, how could the World Center and World Crusades emerged?? We are human...

Shall the US Treasury Dept. Serve as the next Guardian of the Funds? And to whom we pay our Huquq to??

DOES DOCTOR LELAND JENSEN REALLY FULFILL PROPHECY AS SHILOH AND THE 7TH ANGEL?? I have come to a,firm YES! in this matter, this makes Christian entrance into the Faith much easier to follow.. 12 simple principles,ok??

Allah'u'abha! 'Child of the East, 7th Angel Sounded is available on Amazon w/ foreword by Neal Chase.

Zach Lightcap, Western States Rep, BUPC

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bahaifireside.net explores some proofs and shares some information. A shift in power from the 'Papal Throne' to the 'Davidic Throne' - explanation of Revelation (unsealed) Native Prophecy, etc... Cool Stuff!! :) ☆£☆ -zl

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Entry by Troops! Please read, and pledge your fealty to the Guardian of the Cause of God, Neal Chase @ bupc.org

Before all the Mormons beat us to it! 🤔😲😂Alllah'u'abha!! God's Kingdom on Earth?? How do we participate?? YA BAHA'UL-ABHA!! :) ☆£☆ -z

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I cannot find this. Where can I obtain this?

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